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Unfortunately,  MANY times these injuriesmay not show up for weeks or even months.
 Personal Injury Las Vegas - We can help you find a doctor if you have been involved in a car, traffic or work accident and you have been injured due to the accident.  Auto and work accidents in Las Vegas occur often and injuries from these accidents are very common even if the accident was not very serious.
You may feel fine immediately following the car accident but wake up the next morning stiff and unable to move. But in the following days, weeks, or even months, it is all too possible for you to develop ailments such as:
whiplash,      back pain,      jaw pain,    or any number of other subtle injuries.
After any Las Vegas auto accident, it’s important to get examined as quickly as possible to prevent you from having unnecessary pain and expenses down the road. Pay attention to your body for any unusual aches and pains during the days and weeks following a car accident. If you notice any new aches such as neck or hip pain, and especially headaches, make sure to let your car accident doctor know.

Some of the more common injuries which result from car accidents aside from the obvious broken bones or lacerations that need to be examined by a Las Vegas personal injury doctor include the following:
  1. Soft tissue injuries
  2. Head and Neck injuries
  3. Back injuries

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That’s why you need to call the Las Vegas AccidentMDYou only need to call one number—to be find  traffic and work accident doctors in Las Vegas who can diagnose and treat your injuries. We will match these Las Vegas accident and injury doctor to your needs. 

Our doctors are highly experienced in treating Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas traffic and work accidents and injuries.  Because we have 21 locations throughout the Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas area, we can connect you with a doctor close to your home or work.
Our doctors are focused on you  so you can focus on what is important- your health.   We are here to make your search for a Las Vegas accident or injury doctor easier. We understand how difficult it can be after being in an accident. You can be sure our Las Vegas accident and injury doctors have proven to be highly experienced in their respective fields.   We are trained to collect the proper information from you to get you the help you need. Please feel free to contact us for your accident and injury medical care needs, and any questions you may have about your Las Vegas accident and your Las Vegas personal injury.
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