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Why do i need an Accident Doctor

by AccidentMD on 03/04/18

Why do i need an Accident Doctor

When you have been in an accident, and are injured. Who do you go to? Do you go to your primary care physician, or do you do to an accident doctor. Someone who specializes in auto accidents. They know how to treat people with accident related injuries. There is nothing wrong with going to a primary care physician. Accidents are a different kind of injury. When you break a bone in your body , who do you go see?  You go see a specialist, someone who specializes in what they do. These people tend to be the best at what they do. An accident doctor is a doctor that specializes in auto type injuries. Auto injuries generally tend to be what is called “soft tissue” injuries. That means nothing is broken, but you are still in pain. This pain is caused by torn muscles and ligaments. Documentation of these injuries is very important for you, and your lawyer.

Injured in a Traffic Accident-You need a Dcotor

by AccidentMD on 02/18/18

Injured in a traffic  or other accident.

You need a doctor.
Call Accident MD

Can lower back pain be caused by whiplash

by AccidentMD on 01/28/18

The hallmark symptoms of whiplash are neck pain, neck stiffness, muscle spasm or tightness, difficulty turning your head and headache. Other symptoms of whiplash can include: Pain in the shoulders, lower back or between the shoulder blades. Arm pain or heaviness.

Necka nd Back Pain After An Accident

by AccidentMD on 01/21/18

Whiplash is a common cause of neck and back injuries resulting from a car accident, whether the injury is to the spinal disc or facet joint. ... If you are experiencing pain in your neck or back after a car accident, getting an accurate diagnosis of your injuries is vital

How long after an accident can whiplash last.

by AccidentMD on 12/10/17

How long after an accident can whiplash last.
The time it takes for symptoms to go away from a whiplash injury varies greatly by person. The majority of whiplash injuries heal within six weeks after the injury. However, there are 1/3 of people who report neck pain after ten years. 

Others have symptoms for the rest of their lives. Get treated by a medical 
professional after your accident to avoid neck pain that become chronic.

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